How to recognize a good financial consultant?

Many people do not have the best experiences with the financial consultants, because they have not entrusted themselves to the right hands. And so we have prepared a summary of advices and recommendations for you, how to recognize a good financial consultant and who to avoid.

  1. Personal behavior

    The financial consultant is the person, who you entrust the care of your money to, and so you must fully trust him or her. Follow the first impression. Focus not only on the appearance but primarily watch, how the financial consultant behaves to you, whether he listens to you and your needs, and how he responds to your questions. If you feel that the financial consultant does not pay you full attention, if he exerts pressure on you or tries to manipulate with you, rather look elsewhere.

  2. Interest in your (real) needs

    People who are not well orientated in the field of financial products, often require a concrete product, although there are another ways how to solve their needs. A good financial consultant will listen to you, he will actively ask you and he will try to find your real needs. At the same time he will try with the comprehensive approach not only to deal with the concrete product, but also to put it into context of your other financial products that have been already used by you.

  3. He does not push

    A serious financial consultant will not push you. He should have enough time for you and his conclusions should be well-founded thorough analyses. He should also be sincere to you and he should warn you against all risks and dangerous conected with concrete financial product. A good financial consultant will not push you to sign any contract if he is not sure that you perfectly understand every detail.

  4. Comprihensibility

    It is important whether the financial consultant can talk about finances clearly and logically. The financial consultant has to be able to explain you his suggestions and give you easily understandable examples and situations. Formulations like “It is too complicated to explain“ or “You do not need to understand that“ should warn you.

  5. Independence

    Consultants in banks or insurance companies will never provide you complete consulting but they will always offer you only their own products. And they will press you upon products that you are not interested in at all. But also the independent financial consultant may not be impartial. You should always inform yourself which financial institutions the constultant deputize for. The more companies deputized, the better way for you to get really the most advantageous offer.

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What to pay attention to - watch out the unserious financial consultants!

  • Unserious financial consultant endeavor for your sign on a contract during one of the first meetings. 
  • Unserious financial consultant will start suggesting solutions without carefully listening to you.
  • Unserious financial consultant will not give you advices but will tell you what to do.
  • Unserious financial consultant exaggeratedly supports one financial product at the expence of the others.
  • Unserious financial consultant detracts your worries.