Stories of our clients

  1. „I had some troubles during arranging mortgage loan, and so I contacted Trioda on recommendation, although I have had big distrust of financial consultants. And I was pleasantly surprised. Not only the first impression, but also the result of our cooperation was perfect. The financial consultant from Trioda saved my money not only by a lower rate of mortgage loan, but also because he canceled service that was disadvantage for me. For instance, bank offered me the possibility to insure myself against inability to repay that was for me, a tradesman, totally inappropriate. Instead of it the financial consultant suggested life insurance with decreasing indemnification according to unpaied balance of mortgage loan. It is comfortable to have someone, who understands my money by my side. But I consider the biggest advantage of cooperation with Trioda the fact that they made me change the view on money and on the ways, how to manage them.“

    Rudolf K.

  2. “I needed to prepare complete insurance plan for whole my family, it meant whole range of insurance - property insurace, liability insurance, personal accident insurance and life insurance. I contacted Trioda on recommendation of my friend, because I prefer to contact professionals than to solve these things by myself. Unlike my previous experiences with financial consultants from whom I had feeling that they were complete beginners, the financial consultants from Trioda impressed me by their deep knowledge and perfect overview of financial market. Their behaviour was nice and flexible, they were willing and helpful. We have been cooperating with Trioda for four years and both of us are satisfied.“

    Martin J.

  3. “Our real estate agency tries to simplify the purchase of real estate as much as possible to our clients. Because clients often solve a mortgage loan, we wanted to cooperate with financial consultatnts. On recommendation I decided to try services of Trioda, at first on myself. Their approach was professional and human as well. They offered several solutions and they tried to find optimal variant for me. Because I had been satisfied, we decided to recomend service of Trioda also to our clients. Nowadays our cooperation lasts several years to the satisfaction of both us and our clients.“

    Jitka Strankmüllerová
    The owner of the real estate agency Star home, s.r.o.

  4. “The experience with the financial consultant from Trioda exceeded our expectatiton. He explained us everything in detail, he handled all paperwork for us and in the result the getting of the mortgage loan was absolutelly “painless“ for us. As soon as we will deal with other financial problems, we will definitely contact Trioda again.“

    Eva P.

  5. „I took out a quite high mortgage loan, and I wanted to get better conditions then the bank offered me as a private person. On the recommendation I refered to Trioda. Because once I have already bought a flat and I arranged everything by myself then, I had an idea, what the getting of mortgage loan takes. Mr. Kocourek gained my trust at very first meeting, when he answered my questions simply and logicaly and he warned me against the possible difficulties. The cooperation with Trioda fulfilled my expectation. I saved lot of time and in the final I got “cheaper“ mortgage. Moreover, I got much more information, than if I were dealing everything by myself, because I would never think of dealing with some things. I appreciated also the personal approach of consultants from Trioda and factual and very clear expressing themselves. With the mortgage Trioda ensure also a building savings for me. The result was a sophisticated combination of both products that would never come to my mind.“

    Ingrid L.

  6. “I needed to take a mortgage loan and on the recommendation I refered to Trioda. The cooperation with Mr. Jiří Rousek from Trioda was very pleasant and for me personally also very beneficial, because I work in completely different field where are other than economic aspects more important. I was exceedingly satisfied with care and service that Mr. Rousek provided to me. He pointed andvantages and disadvantages out and in many ways he helped me by advice or he arranged it himself for me after agreement. Everything what he said that would happen, really happened and what we agreed about, worked out. Therefore I will recommend the service of Trioda to my friends.“

    Ivana L.

  7. “Our real estate agency offers complete service to our clients and financial consulting is logical part of that service. In the year 2010 we choose Trioda in call for tenders and our mutual cooperation lasts to this day. We appreciate not only professionality, but also experiences and art of financial consultants of Trioda, who are able to ensure the mortgage loan also for clients who would harldy get it on their own. We can simply rely on financial consultants of Trioda and so can our clients. Therefore I unambiguously recommend service of Trioda.“

    Petr Polda
    The manager of the real estate agency BM CONNECT s.r.o. (franchise of Dům realit s.r.o.)

  8. „I dealt with complicated purchase of a flat, and because I have time consuming job, I refered to Trioda on recommendation of my colleague. I have had quite rich experience with financial consultants by that time, but already at the first meeting with Mr. Kocourek from Trioda I was pleasantly surprised. Although it took cca four hours, we did not deal with products for me at all, but we were only talking about finances. We discussed the concrete offer up at the other meetings, when I had more information about advantages and disadvantages of individual solutions. When dealing with million amounts, I want to know, what is going on and why. Mr. Kocourek from Trioda always explained the next step in advance. So I knew what exactly he did and why he did it, and what stage is the negotianost at. In the end everything worked out as it was promised. Now I have been cooperating with Trioda for the third year and actually we deal with investments. I consider the biggest advantage of cooperation with Trioda that I have someone by my side, who I can trust and whose care I can entrust my finance to.“

    David B.

  9. “Why do we cooperate with Trioda? We are real estate agency and it is important for us, our client to be satisfied with our service and to recommend us farther. Therefore we take care of our clients and we try not only to find the real estate that fits to their image, but also to make the purchase as easy as possible, among others to help them to get the mortgage loan. The financial consultants of Trioda do not want to feather their nest and disappear, but they really fight for client and they try to ensure the best offer for him. Our clients appreciate especially the human approach of consultants from Trioda, the fact that they understand how difficult decision the clients undergo, and therefore they do not push clients to sign, but they think about clients´ needs and they prove them the detached view. Our clients speak well of Trioda, and so we will recommend their service.“

    Jana Mašitová
    The co-owner of the real estate agency NEW REALITY s.r.o.