Service for companies

Industrial insurance

We will ensure your company against financial losses caused by natural disaster and other events. The industrial insurance will protect movable and immovable property of the firm, and it is also possible to insure responsibility for damage or risks conected with interruption or restriction of business activities. We do not sell separate insurances, but we specialize in making complete insurance plans and strategies for firms and companies.

We cooperate with all insurance companies in Czech Republic.

Service for the real estate agencies

Are you real estate agency and do you want your clients to sign the contract as soon as possible? Recomend us to your clients and we will help them to get a mortgage loan as quickly as possible. We are professionals with 15 years old know-how, and we deputize for all banks in the domestic market. We will take care of processing the offer, arrange the mortgage loan and linked insurance/insurances. More about arranging of mortgage loans »

Financial consulting as a benefit for your employees

Do you think about a way, how to improve the care of your employees? We will prepare an offer of financial consulting service and linked law service for you to be able to offer them to your employees as a benefit. We are able to mediate any forms of financial products, and we can offer extras such as assistance with the personal debt relief. Grant your employees peace for work and we will take care of their finances.

Financial consulting for businessmen and firms

Besides industrial insurance we offer service of financial consulting especially in the field of mediation of operating loans and investment loans to businessmen and firms.